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About Me

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The music is in my ear
She's in my soul, under my skin, when I cry the note's- my tears
I've learnt her stokes even her dots and curves
By air I play her- without a tutor I breathe her notes
Her rhythms embrace me
When'er I conform to her on the M I C
I've took her, heard her, even mixed her samples of her history
To in turn be blessed by her oneness... yes Music ur in me...

I have been told by many at a very young age that I have a gift when it comes to Music.  They said I have the gift to create, the air to play back, memorize, and intrigue any audience with my abilities.  Whether I'm hosting a live show/ concert, being the featured talent at a major event, or being the opening act of a stage show featuring a series of world renown Reggae Artists- I seem to be remembered... never forgotten.  Because I've been known to beat box- freestyle, or get on any mix tape- hit any studio and come out with a bang, I've been asked "Trini {is what they call me on the streets} what's going on with the music thing man?" Others- "Man you have so much talent what are you doing with all that?"  Little do they know I'm gradually perfecting it every chance I get- any spare moment at my crib I have- any vibe I get that calls to be unleashed... I take advantage of.  And here I am.... here I stand... Still with the mic in my hand... But on the verge or letting the world know who... exactly who... I am.


Just me... Trinity


Just playing the flute on a beautiful day.  The first instrument I taught myself and mastered.


Some of my favorite movies:

Scareface, Carlito's way, Belly, Children of the corn & American Gangster

Some of my favorite music:

Michele Jackson, Beatles, Frank Sanatra