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I was born to be... Center Stage.  Although I've relaxed on my gifts, I was always reminded by my mom at age seven I wanted to be a pastor.  Looking back on my past. I realized why it is so natural for me to stand before any size ordinance and not feel intimidated while I sing out life stories in song. Stories of the people in my neighborhoods. People who had some type of effect in a positive or  negative way. Yes you can call me a storyteller, for I can take you back deep within my past where you can see yourself as a part of my story. Come with me…                                   

Hope my words can bring out the positive in your life.

                                                                                               Jah help I shine! 




                                                   Skilling a Fashion Show- even as a     little youth in Trinidad, W.I..  Of course the Designer is my Dad: 
                                                                                       Richie Richardson